The safest, easiest way to get anything delivered from the Philippines.

BOB ships door-to-door from Manila to over 200 countries. We share tracking information with you every step of the way so you can get on with your day.

Having a hard time shipping from the Philippines?

We get it. International exporting is complex. You have Customs regulations, plus the rules of the couriers and airlines. These change so often that most big courier companies find it easier to just turn you away than [attempt to] handle your shipment. And that’s after you’ve hauled your boxes all the way to the mall. Worse yet, they might unpack your items in front of everyone and ask a lot of embarrassing questions. What a nightmare!

We understand the hassle, stress, and worry sending stuff from the Philippines can cause. It’s crazy because getting a balikbayan box into the country is so easy, right? Why is it so confusing when you’re trying to get the same box sent out?

Well, here’s the good news: every year, hundreds of people trust BOB to send personal effects and gifts abroad. Online sellers trust BOB with their livelihoods. Buyers worldwide trust BOB with their online purchases. We help them regain the time and energy to do what they truly love.

We want to do the same for you.

Put BOB on the job.

A team of export experts

We spent years learning who’s who in the world of shipping. You will save time and your package will move smoothly thanks to our bank of knowledge and contacts.

Get the best price on international exports with BOB

Exclusive pricing

You’ll save money from the start. We’ve already worked out the best rates in town and we are sharing them with you. No account needed.

Send your online purchases to our Manila fulfillment center

Export processing facility

Order items online and have them sent directly to our warehouse so we can pack and process them for you. Cut your costs. Free up your living room. Let BOB be your shipping department.


The Better Outbound Box Method

Ship out in 4 easy steps:

1. Tell us about your shipment.

2. Request an on-demand pickup.

3. We will prepare an invoice that you can easily pay online or in the bank.

4. Relax and track the safe journey of your packages.

Shipping at the mall can get frustrating.

Nobody enjoys hauling heavy boxes past security, fighting through the crowds, and queueing up in long lines. Worst of all, you could end up unpacking everything in front of the whole store only to get rejected and be forced to lug it all back home. It’s embarrassing.

 BOB would never do that.

Our team asks the right questions and provides the right documents every time. We have a database of certificates and material data sheets for popular products to help you. We do the work so you can get on with life.

Online sellers are happy with BOB's reliable door-to-door service from Manila

We've helped these people ship abroad the easy way.

We can help. All it takes is one click.

What You'll Get With BOB

On-demand pickups

Discounted rates

Easy online payment

Optional insurance

Packing and consolidation

Full door-to-door full tracking

Got questions? We've Got Answers

It doesn’t have to be. BOB will get your packages onto the same plane and delivered by the same couriers those stores in the malls use, but for 35% to 50% less.

Not in every country. Some, like the United States and Australia, have very generous de minimis values below which no duty or tax will be charged. We know and gladly share our knowledge for the countries we ship to most. If we think there will be duties, taxes, or fees at the destination country, we’ll tell you.

We have researched and shipped hundreds of unique products including food and liquids. We know how to prepare the paperwork to get your items on a plane and to their destination. Before giving up, let our experts check for you.

No viable sea freight option exists out of the Philippines. We checked. Philpost doesn’t recommend their own sea service because it takes 5 months and is not tracked. Other sea options have hefty port fees that drive the cost of small shipments up beyond what was originally quoted.

Airline baggage rules are getting tighter. International travel is stressful enough without you or Tito Boy having to make last minute decisions at the ticketing counter.

We can help you plan ahead and maximize your baggage allowance. Talk to us and decide what to take on your flight and what to ship separately.

Try them again with BOB. It’s different. We specialize in outbound from the Philippines to the world. We have spent years building our relationships with major carriers and learning the rules in every country outside of the Philippines. With BOB you will have your own shipping department.