The Importance of Choice

Today is Barangay and SK Election Day in the Philippines. It is a special non-working holiday in the Philippines, declared to give Filipinos nationwide an opportunity to choose leaders at their local level. For the first time in eight years, eligible voters will also choose members of the Sangguniang Kabataan or “youth council”.

As entrepreneurs we get to make choices every day. We choose partners that align not only with our needs but also our values. One of BOB’s core values is supporting growth and development in Southeast Asia. We want to boost exports from the Philippines. We also strongly believe in giving back. This is just one of the reasons BOB maintains a tight partnership with DHL Express.

Focus on the Youth

If you want to change the world, the logical thing to do is go to the people that run it. But it’s too late. They will never change. So what we really need to do is prepare the next generation to run the world the right way.

-Shimon Peres, 9th President of Israel

DHL Express, with their GoTeach initiative works to promote education for underprivileged students across the country. In March 2018, that partnership extended to BOB as we participated in a Corporate Responsibility event at the Mind Museum in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Leaving our desks for a day, we donned our Kuya and Ate badges and guided 80 public school students from Sta. Rosa Laguna through the exhibits.

Giving Early Exposure

Our long-term goal to raise educated and well-rounded Filipino youth starts at home. As of this writing, the BOB team is 100% composed of women. Each of them shows great responsibility as mothers and older sisters, acting as role models and financial supporters for their children and siblings.

Take Our Children to Work Day is an official program in the United States. Once a year, offices open their doors to children and relatives of employees. BOB House has its own similar program, and it’s not limited to just one day. Our office in the Philippines is tightly secured, but employees are welcome to bring their children and young relatives so that they can be exposed to a professional environment.

Mentoring the Next Generation

There are too many people with strong minds that will never change. Fortunately, they are drifting from power as they literally are dying off. We need to prepare the next generation to run the world. After picking the fruits of our labor, we must replant the seeds in the Philippines. It is our obligation to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.