Your friend with a cargo plane

BOB started as a favor for a friend.

One day, a friend moved to the United States and left me with two big balikbayan boxes. They were heavy with books, clothes, and other items that were important to the owner. Philpost wouldn’t accept them because of their size. The boxes sat for months. I wanted to figure out how to get these same boxes back to the States for my friend.

I was the Back Office Boss: a digital nomad working for my family’s wine business. Logistics was my jam. Each night I would move South African wine across the Atlantic Ocean to the seaport in New Jersey, then transfer it to warehouses in Pennsylvania and California. And finally, get it on trucks to Walmart stores nationwide. If I could do this with wine, could I do it with my friend’s box?

It worked! The shipment arrived at a price she could easily pay. I thought, “Surely there must be other people who need this.” I ran a simple ad and the requests started flowing in. I reached a point where I could not handle the workload alone. It was time to evolve from digital nomad to shipping mentor. My new challenge: sending Better Outbound Boxes.

I moved BOB from my living room to our first office and hired a local college grad to help me. When she got too busy, we hired another, then another. The BOB staff you email with today are the same ones we started with. This means you get real answers fast from people who’ve been around a long time.

After years of solving unique shipping challenges, our focus remains the same. We love logistics. We want to make it easier for people to export the products they buy from the Philippines.

BOB has made friends throughout the country in shipping, retail, government, manufacturing, and other industries. Many people and companies have helped us along the way so we can keep doing the work we enjoy.

We want to help you too.